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Celebrate and cherish the special moments with our bespoke gift box suitable for any occasion. 

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We have served dollops of sweetness and nourishment

We take pride in sourcing honey from apiaries where neither honey bees are harmed nor quality of honey compromised due to heat treatment during the process of extraction. Our honey bees feed on a single variety/genus of flowers, thus, ensuring a distinct flavour...

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The Black Label
Premium range of honey sourced from regions growing exquisite flora at soaring heights and arduous valleys of the Himalayan range.
The Blue Label
Rare, distinct varieties of honey sourced from the untouched and less explored wilderness of arid deserts and tough mountains.
The Green Label
These agro varieties are fruity and spicy that bring home a familiar taste blended with a full-bodied sweetness.

Sweetness that is well enough; Wellness that is sweet enough

You may use it to sweeten your green tea, mix it with milk to offer it to the lord, whisk it with a face mask, or apply on sore gums - honey has been called liquid gold for no reason.

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